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I've broken the book up into high level topics which you can see running along the top of this site (or in the slide out menu on the left if you're on a mobile device):

  1. Welcome (this chapter)
  2. Mentoring
  3. The Basics
  4. What is DevOps
  5. Implementing DevOps
  6. Your Career
  7. Our Community (optional)

Each of these topics in broken up into chapters that build up the content in that topic. If you're interested in a complete holistic education on IT, from the ground up, then working your way from "The Basics" all the way through to "Your Career" is a good idea.

Each topic is designed to lead into the next one that proceeds it. This means that as you begin a new topic it's assumed you've studied and understood the knowledge provided by the topic that came before it. This is why I created "The Basics" section to begin with.

I recommend reading the book from start to finish as I'm sure there's going to be something for you to learn along the way.


Before we delve deeper into each part of this book's structure let's first talk about you and your needs.