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Implementing DevOps

Now we're getting into the good stuff - writing code and actually building things. This section of the book is about building a real (but simple) application that we deploy to real infrastructure that we also build. We'll be using modern languages and tools to build and deploy the application and later on we'll implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery too.


This is the part of the book that readers have to pay for. The rest of the book is free.

The end result of this topic is a portfolio piece that will help you land interviews and demonstrate to employers what you're capable of understanding and doing.


After you've confirmed you've covered the basics and know what DevOps is (and is not), this book starts teaching you the more advanced concepts and tools. These concepts build on top of the basics you've covered previously, so that knowledge is assumed going forward throughout this section.


As the book is a work in progress, some sections are colour coded to identify them as sections that have not yet been written. These are in progress and will be published once ready.

  1. Advanced Cloud Computing
  2. Application Programming Interfaces
  3. Infrastructure As Code
  4. Configuration As Code
  5. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  6. Containerisation
  7. Orchestration
  8. Service Discovery
  9. Secrets Management
  10. Monitoring

There is a lot to be covered but don't think for a second you have to be a master in all of these topics from day one. Actually you only need to know the key 20-30% of each topic to be highly effective at your job, which leads me nicely onto the 80/20 Principle.


After this topic is complete you'll have a portfolio piece. At this point in time you're going to want to know how you can use it to push your career forward.