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A mentor is someone with extensive experience in a particular field. In IT a mentor is someone with a decade or more of experience working directly in the field covering all the technologies you want to study. They're also good educators, leaders and have a natural desire to elevate you above your current status - intellectually, financially, and beyond. They want the best for you.

Why a Mentor?

A mentor is a highly professional, experienced peer who can guide you along your path. Here are the key benefits to hiring a mentor:

  1. They can help you avoid the mistakes they've previously made
  2. They can help you stay on topic and on schedule
  3. A mentor will help you overcome technical challenges much faster
  4. A mentor is a partner who can help you establish a professional network

Each of these benefits will vastly improve your time to market, which is the time it takes for you to take your skills into the workforce and find a job.

Return on Investment

When you review the price of hiring a mentor it's easy to believe it's too expensive, but the alternative is wasting a lot of time trying to overcome problems and finding help. When it comes to money versus time, you should always spend the money to save the time. Money can be earned again (and again), but once you've spent the time, it's done.

That's what hiring a mentor is (mostly) about: leveraging your time for maximum return. This is one of the greatest returns on investment you can make.

Once hired a mentor will save you hours upon hours trying to overcome technical hurdles or understanding some theory, which is time you can spend moving onto the next topic instead of being stuck in place.

Your Options

The platform I recommend using is Mentor Cruise. It's very easy to use and understand: you pay a flat fee for access to a mentor for an agreed upon amount of time and assistance.

If you're looking to hire me as your mentor then I'm available on Mentor Cruise.


That's it for mentoring. Now let's move onto some technical studies starting with basic computer science topics.