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The *.jpg Files

Filename Location Group Project/Repository
*.jpg ./static/images/*.jpg application httpcats


The main objective of our little application is to give people a gallery of HTTP return codes rendered in cat memes. It's the only way to lookup HTTP return codes.

To do this, we're going to be using a pre-made set of images.


All the images we're using are released under a Creative Commons licence.

The Solution

Download this ZIP file and unzip it to your httpcats repository, under the static/images directory. You should end up with a cats directory containing a lot of JPGs.


Remember to not commit the to your httpcats otherwise you'll bloat its size needlessly.

  1. Set your working directory to the application/httpcats repository
  2. Create a directory called static/images/cats/ using mkdir -p static/images/cats
  3. Use cd static/images/cats to move into the correct direction
  4. Unzip into the images/cats/ directory
  5. Use git add static/images/ to stage the images (avoid including the to keep the repository's size down)