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I've written a simple application in Golang that we'll be using to serve up some static content. You might recognise some of the content: HTTP Cats.

Yep! We'll be writing a (simple/dumb) clone of the excellent HTTP Cats. All we're trying to do here is illustrate how-to use DevOps principles to deliver an application into a public CLoud environment, so we're keeping things simple with an HTTP Cats clone.

The source code can be seen (an explained) in the next section.


I've opted for Golang because I believe it's an excellent language, is easy to work with from a development perspective, and even easier from a DevOps perspective:

  • It's really fast
  • It has a small syntax
  • It has a built-in, production ready web server
  • It compiles down to a single binary (and has of 1.6.1[?] you'll be able to embed files into the binary natively)

Static Content

We'll be serving up HTTP Cats with our application. Nothing fancy, but complex enough that we'll have something to work.