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As with the Terraform Installation instructions we recommend using the official installation instructions. We'll break down your options below based on your platform to help you find the specific instructions you need.

Our Recommendation

Just to double down on how we recommend you go about managing the installation of these tools: use a Ubuntu Linux based Virtual Machine. It's going to make it easier for you to break things without having to worry about your main operating system.


We'll be focusing on version:


We recommend sticking to this version to avoid any conflicts as you follow this book.


There are no official installation instructions for Windows. As a platform it's literally not listed at all in the Ansible documentation. This is primarily due to the fact Windows (10) has never shipped with Python installation by default.

To use Ansible on Windows 10 we recommend using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), installing a Ubuntu Linux distribution and following the Ubuntu installation instructions.


There are a lot of installation instructions available for a lot of Linux distributions.

We recommend checking out the official installation documentation so you can work with the best option to suit your needs.


If you're using a Mac, then there's an official macOS installation guide you can follow.