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For a lot of people this is where the fun begins and for some, the frustration. Generally speaking, people in technology tend to love playing with new stuff and putting it into action. The negative aspect to this side of the job is the choice: there are simply too many options and knowing where to start is incredibly overwhelming.

In this book we're going to explore a set of tools that are very popular and very much industry leading options. By studying these tools you'll be gaining extremely valuable skills that can be applied to virtually any environment you're working in. What's more the tool choices in this book will help you learn the concepts and the purpose - the why - of what we're doing. This is powerful and valuable too because once you know the why and combine it with the how, you're able to solve real world problems regardless of the environment and, more importantly, the tools you're forced to used.

In this book we're going to solve the problem of overwhelming choice by making it for you. This will get you working on learning the fundamentals today and solve problems tomorrow. The alternative is arguing about the pros and cons of the available options and being no better off the day after tomorrow.


Finally once we've got the systems designed and the tools to build them, we have to instil a culture around everything we've now set up and what we're trying to do going forward. For this we build a culture.