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Finally we have another massive aspect of your job as a DevOps engineer: building a culture around everything we've discussed above.

The job of building a culture around DevOps - and getting everyone onboard - is going to test your ability to communicate ideas and problems, collaborate on solutions, and build systems. Once all of that is done you have to then build a culture within your organisation that centres around the concept of keeping everything and everyone aligned to the DevOps principles and systems you've now built.

The reason building a culture around DevOps is so important is it gets everything thinking in the same way. Everyone begins to approach problems using familiar and proven methodologies, which get better and better over time, and the solutions that are born out of these approaches are tested, verified, secure, stable and are surrounded by automated systems that constantly deliver them to the end users (who can be internal as well as external, paying customers.)


Now that we have a better idea of what DevOps is, let's now begin to explore the basics of all the technologies we're going to be using throughout this book.