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When it comes to virtually all walks of life, communication is critical. It's one of the corner stones of establishing relationships and getting things done. Without the ability to communicate with others you're going to find it hard to get things done as a DevOps engineer.

In this field you have to be able to communicate with different people from different disciplines such as software engineering, IT operations (who are your colleagues), quality assurance, (upper/executive) management, product owners and project management. It's not enough to be able to write an email or explain a CI pipeline. You have to be able to breakdown ideas for these different groups of people so that they can make informed decisions about what matters to them all whilst achieving the same goal: delivering software.

As this book organically grows and gets updated we'll include examples throughout the content of how you can communicate various parts of what you're doing to different people. This is an important skill because one of your jobs is to communicate with non-technical functions within an organisation and convince them of your ideas and solutions.


Collaboration is built on the back of communication. Let's take a look at collaborating in a DevOps space next.