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When we talk about DevOps we're talking about a collection of ideas. A movement that many have embraced to vastly improve the quality of their software.

There is a "DevOps manifesto", but I feel that it's dramatic and verbose and can be summed up into a few key concepts:

  • Principles
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Systems
  • Tools
  • Culture

Each of these ideas - which I've placed in a particular order for a reason - is an entire area of study in its own right, and DevOps brings them all together under a single umbrella to achieve a single objective: to deliver great software to end users.

Is it a job title?

Yes. DevOps can be a job title. It is a job title. Someone can specialise in bringing about DevOps as a philosophy, a practice, a set of values and principles into an organisation, transforming the teams within into teams that practice DevOps. Therefore you can a "DevOps Engineer" just as much as someone can be an "Agile Coach", a "Software Engineer" or a "Product Owner".

As a job title it makes it clear what you're about: DevOps as a means of delivering software.


Let's look at the principles that constitute DevOps best practices.