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What to study

Based on your (honest) evaluation of your self, which you covered in the welcome section, you now need to decide which parts of the road map you sit on. This section of the book, "The Basics", is for people who struggled with some or all of the questions and scenarios that were covered in the "About You" part of the book.

If you're a reader who feels they have some basics to cover then move on to the relevant topic within this basics section and start exploring the resources offered there.

If you feel you can move on past these basics then please feel free to do so and move into the section called "DevOps". It's in that section that we begin exploring the theory begin DevOps which is then followed by the "doing".

If you're starting from scratch then the first thing you'll want to do is create an isolated, safe environment to explore in.

Self Study

Self studying means you'll have to study these basic concepts using resources outside of this book, but remember: The DevOps Lounge Discord community is still available to you and you're welcome to join and ask questions. In fact it's encouraged - don't study alone!

Once you've finished with the basics you can come back to this book and start studying the advanced concepts it offers.


I made this part of the book freely available so that you weren't buying something and then being told to go elsewhere for your learning.


Self-studying doesn't mean you have to Google every problem you have or work along. Having a mentor you can ask questions of is a highly valuable resource and an option I can provide you (for a fee). Utilising a mentor is an excellent use of your time and a great return on your money because it will massively improve your learning experience and chances of success.

If you're interested in improving your career outcomes, accelerating your learning, having someone to ask questions of (technical, career, etc.) then head over to my Mentor Cruise profile and apply for mentorship.

If my monthly mentoring package doesn't appeal to you, or it's out of reach financially, don't worry because I also offer one-time, fixed cost services that includes career advice, technical guidance, study plans and more. These services offer a massive return for you and your career for a small one-time fee.

I hope we get to connect soon.


Now before we start actually learning stuff we're going to need a suitable environment. This environment will contain the tools and everything else we need to do things properly.