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The Road Map

This is the road map you should follow when coming into IT for the first time:

  1. Hardware (Basics)
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Networking
  4. Security
  5. Version Control & Git
  6. Programming
  7. Cloud Computing

This section of the book ("The Basics") helps you cover the above topics by providing links and resources you can use to get yourself started. These resources have been selected for their quality and should help you stay focused and learn what you need to for a career in IT (and eventually DevOps.)

This means you're going to have to self-study for a bit.

A just wanted to drop a note here about the links I'm going to provide throughout this topic.

I've tried to find good, solid resources to share with you over the next set of pages. Although I've applied a reasonable, fair amount of effort to validate and vet these links I cannot be held responsible if the information changes after I've published the links. Please exercise commonsense and Google or search online for other resources if you find that a link I've provided is dead (404), gone rogue/bad/malicious, or is not providing you with the answers you'd expect it to.

Also feel free to join our community and let me know if there are any links you have issues with.

Something else worth considering is the diversity of the resources I've used. I've not used only a small collection of websites and resources to help you learn this stuff. Instead I've included links to all kinds of resources so that you're getting a broad set of opinions.


Before we talk about self-studying let's first try to determine what you do and do not know already. This is an important step because you may be able to skip parts of the "The Basics" road map and save your self some time.