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You're going to need an AWS account to follow along with this book. Please get this set up and ready to go before proceeding through the implementation part of this book.

The best guide you can follow that will get you a new AWS account, is the official guide, which is updated frequently as the process changes. In short, however:

  1. You register for an account on the AWS home page
  2. Select the Personal for the purposes of following this book
  3. Provide all the information requested
  4. Create the account

You'll be required to provide a payment method. This is because once you have an AWS account you can begin deploying billable items from day one.


Again, AWS services are not free and you may be charged the moment you deploy any resources in your account. Double check your understanding of the prices attached to the services you're deploying.

You may also have to verify your identity by providing a phone number that is verified by AWS.

Eventually your account will be activated and you'll be ready to start.

Free Tier

AWS has a free tier that will help save you money. We cannot guarantee that this free tier will cover all your costs when applying the present in this book, but may help.

Consult the official AWS documentation on the free tier to better understand what it offers.


With our account set up we can create a new IAM User. You're going to need an IAM User so that you can create API access and secrets keys, allowing Terraform to provision resources for you.

Last update: August 24, 2021